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Planning, control & management

Environmental Management

Environmental management can be understood as a “set of actions and strategies through which activities of human beings that affect the environment are carried out, in order to achieve an adequate quality of life, preventing or mitigating current or future environmental problems.” (Cotecna, 2015). Bearing the foregoing in mind, UPRA formulates its environmental policy and its objectives.


Environmental Policy​

U​PRA is committed to including environmental protection as a fundamental element in the fulfillment of its functions and institutional mission. In this sense, as one of the guiding principles of management, actions take into account different environmental aspects that could have negative or positive impacts or incidents against environmental protection, minimizing and mitigating negative impacts through plans, institutional actions and continuous improvement. Likewise, it promotes good practices for the conservation of natural resources, for the rational use of water and energy and for a comprehensive management of waste, following legal provisions on the matter.

Environmental Policy Goals

  • Promote saving and rational use of water resources.
  • ​Promote saving and rational use of electrical power.
  • Reduce contribution of institutional waste.

UPRA´s Environmental Management Plan​

In order to comply with the environmental policy, UPRA has an Environmental Management Plan (PGA according to its acronym in Spanish), through which actions are promoted aimed at minimizing and efficiently using water and energy, as well as on the proper management of waste or hazardous waste and solid waste produced by the entity​.

Check UPRA's Environmental Management Plan​

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