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Directorate of efficient land use and land adaptation

Achieving efficient use of rural agricultural land involves understanding that efficiency is a concept integrated into the various dimensions of a territory. This means fulfilling the economic and ecological functions of the property. The best land use option should be economically viable, socially compatible, and environmentally acceptable.

In this sense, the Directorate of Efficient Land Use and Land Adjustment at UPRA promotes productive planning as the means to overcome the current barriers that producers face. Establishing order in productive matters involves planning what will be produced, how much, where, when, and how it will be produced, taking into account and responding to market demand—a currently insignificant aspect.

The formulation of productive planning involves establishing guidelines, criteria, and instruments regarding land and water use, land adjustment, productive reconversion, and social property management. When integrated and articulated appropriately with territorial planning and municipal development plans, these enable the formulation of more accurate policies. This is because they recognize and differentiate the specificities of the territories that make up the nation.

The evaluation, monitoring, and follow-up of public policies related to land use and land adjustment, in addition to being UPRA functions, allow for the redirection of current policies and the formulation of guidelines that contribute to rural development.

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