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Directorate of property planning and land market

This process is a planning and management initiative aimed at organizing the occupation and use of rural lands and administering the nation's lands. It seeks to promote progressive access to property and other forms of tenure, equitable land distribution, legal security of land tenure, and the planning, management, and financing of rural land, along with a transparent and monitored land market. This is done in compliance with the social and ecological function of property, with the goal of contributing to improving the quality of life in rural populations (Article 5, item 3, UPRA, 2017).

How do we do it

At UPRA, this technical area focuses on planning, monitoring, and evaluating public policy for the social organization of property and the rural land market, through:

• Building a conceptual and technical foundation.

​​​• Establishing guidelines, criteria, and instruments for access and regularization of property.

 • The determination of guidelines, criteria and instruments for access to and regularization of property.

• Monitoring, projecting, and regularizing the rural land market, as well as defining guidelines, criteria, and instruments for incorporation into territorial planning, aiming to promote efficient use of rural land.  

Regarding the distribution, access, and regularization of rural land property, UPRA conducts national and departmental diagnostics addressing issues related to social organization of rural property. This is considered an element of the socio-productive structure of the agricultural and livestock territorial system. Assistance is provided to entities, and in the case of territorial entities, guidance is given in the formulation of their plans to ensure legal security for different forms of access, use, and utilization of rural lands.

​UPRA's functions according to Decree 4145 of 2011, related to the Social Organization of Property (OSP). ​


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